Elisabeth Broekaert studied film and photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.

She specialised in documentary photography in Newport, UK. During that period she made photo essays on subjects as diverse as the mother-and-baby unit of Askham Grange prison, fans of the Royal family, and the British western scene - all of these were published in The Sunday Correspondent.

On returning to Belgium, she worked as a freelance photographer for various newspapers and magazines.

Her portrait of the Moulton family in Maine (1995) was published in De Standaard Magazine and the Dutch magazine Amerika. In 2020 the follow up 'Moultons II' was published in De Standaard Weekblad.

Her project 'Let's stick together' (2000), focusing on marriage rituals, contained an exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Antwerp, as well as a book.

The book 'Vlees is het mooiste' ('Beauty of the flesh') (2003-2007) contains portraits of naked people in their interiors.

Being one of the first of five city photographers in Antwerp (2010-2012) she focussed on 4 people showing the city from their perspective.

In the publication of 'Wonder baby?' (2019) she visualized and researched the impact of DES (diethylstilbestrol) on three generations.


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