Vlees is het mooiste

Elisabeth made vulnerable, captivating and confronting nude portraits. Portraits of naked people at home. The models take off their clothes within their own environment - they expose themselves and transform in front of the camera into powerful portraits about the human condition. Each image is a search for the essence and is a plain confrontation with the vulnerability of those people.

'Beauty of the flesh' explores step by step every part of the body. On the inside and outside. Exquisite and transitory. Of man and woman. Powerful. Frail. Young. Old. Exquisite and transitory. Exposing themselves in words and images.

A titillating book full of sensual, tender and unforgettable poetry for all times. From poets as Hugo Claus, Anna Enquist, Al Galidi, Judith Herzberg, Ingmar Heytze, Gerrit Komrij, Antjie Krog, Ted Van Lieshout, Erwin Mortier, Ramsey Nasr, Paul Snoek, Toon Tellegen and many more. Bart Moeyaert made a personal choice of 100 poems about anatomy, sensuality, intimacy, eroticism and everything the body has to say about it.

"The eroticism that lies dormant in her images is an eroticism that appeals to us in our adulthood..."

- Christophe Van Eecke, 'De terugblik', going to press

"Undoubtedly the photographer wants to tell me something about my way of looking..."

- Bernard Dewulf, De Morgen

"Beauty of the flesh  is a confrontational work that undoubtedly triggers violent reactions"

- Jelle Van Riet, De Standaard - Letteren


Publisher: Davidsfonds Literair / Querido
Hardbound (19x25,5cm), 60 colour illustrations, 100 poems, 24,95 EUR
Nude portraits by Elisabeth Broekaert
Poems chosen by Bart Moeyaert
Graphic Design by Paul Boudens
Isbn: 9789081168618


'De terugblik' by Christophe Van Eecke (Dutch)Review by Bernard Dewulf, De Morgen (Dutch)Interview by Jelle Van Riet, De Standaard (Dutch)Review by Ineke van den Bergen, De Volkskrant (Dutch)

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