Meet the Moultons

Traveling to Maine, USA, to meet up with Mary Ellen Mark for a workshop, Elisabeth's attention was attracted by the Moultons...
Laurie tells about her husband and her children. The photographs tell their own story.
This portrait of the Moulton family was published in De Standaard Magazine and the Dutch magazine Amerika.

'Meet the Moultons' was selected for the Antwerp Provincial Prize for Photography and received the RTBF prize as part of the 12th Prix National Photographie Ouverte in Charleroi.

"She makes pictures from the inside, almost endoscopically. She testifies without judging, succeeding to understand the flaws of this apparent normality."

- Alain D'Hooghe, curator 'L'imparfait du subjectif'


Publisher: [email protected]
Hardbound (black) leporello (11x15,5cm), 20 black-and-white illustrations, € 16,00
Text editing: Bart Moeyaert
Translation: David Colmer
Graphic Design: Paul Boudens
Lithography & printing: Salto
Isbn: 90-9013522-7

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