City photographer Antwerp

City Photographer Antwerp strives to create a collective and artistic photographic memory of the city in the long-term. Elisabeth Broekaert is one of the first five photographers (2010-2011).

She chooses to tell four stories of four citizens and shows them in four narrated slideshows. She selected her four characters as narrators: they tell you a story, the images speak for themselves… We meet : Erik, detective, painter, always “on the road”. Marie-Louise, 70 year old, dancer, teacher and full of poetry. Wannes, musician, co-founder of Scheld-Apen, loves the subculture and simply does what he wants… Key, City Guide, is passionate about history, spirituality and symbolism and reminds us that there is more than what we see…

"The work of Elisabeth Broekaert is a pleasant surprise. She followed four remarkable citizens and by combining pictures with fragments of an interview it becomes a fine ‘human document’. “ Even David Lynch wouldn’t think this up, this goes beyond it…” says Erik, the policeman… “Nice story, isn’t it?” Brilliant story. Check it out."

- Eric Min, De Morgen M

"You can really feel the heartbeat of the city"

- Gautier Platteau, editor


Publisher: Lannoo
Isbn: 9789401403269

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