Let's stick together

13 different couples
13 different marriages
“The happiest day of their life…”

This book results from a seventh commission within the framework of the project ‘Documentary Photo Commissions Flanders’. ‘Let’s stick together’ is a photo-documentary on marriage. If one marriage epitomises in some way one love, thirteen marriages compiled together tell us more about Love itself. Capturing these thirteen couples, the photographer gets very close (although sometimes deliberately remaining aloof) to what her source of inspiration, Duane Michals, once wrote of a portrait of a bride: “It was the happiest moment of the happiest hour of the happiest day of her entire life. And it passed so quickly without her knowing it. Years later, she would be filled with the joy of that afternoon’s memory, long after she had forgotten what it was that had made her so happy.”


Review by Eric min in De Morgen (Dutch)Review by Dirk Lauwaert in 'De Kunstberg' (Radio 3 - Dutch)Interview with Bart Moeyaert in Poëziekrant (Dutch)

"Elisabeth has found a different angle... and I think that what she creates is a beautiful and intriguing dialogue..."

- Dirk Lauwaert, 'De Kunstberg', Radio 3 (B)

"It's awful and nice, awfully nice..."

- Eric Min, De Morgen (B)


Publisher: foto@vpma.be
Softbound (22x23cm), 73 black-and-white illustrations
Love poems: Bart Moeyaert
Translation: David Colmer
Graphic Design: Paul Boudens
Lithography & printing: Salto
Isbn: 90-76786-01-1


Provinciaal Museum voor Fotografie, Antwerpen (B), 2000

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